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World Language Library

One of the many ways that your gifts to the LPS Foundation (us) benefit students and teachers is through Teacher Grants. This Fall, the World Language Department at Arapahoe High School received a grant to purchase a variety of world language books, including novels, short stories, graphic novels and non-fiction books.

Students read the books for ten to twenty minutes per week then write a short summary and often take a few minutes to discuss their books with their classmates. The reading and discussion help students with language acquisition and confidence building. 

One student shared, "I like how I'm able to comprehend more reading this way and I feel like I learn more French when I'm able to read on my own." Another said, "I thought the chapter books would be hard but I've already read 14 pages!"

A secondary benefit of the grant is that it was a collaborative effort that helped the World Language Department achieve its collective goal of incorporating more reading into its classes. Teacher Taylor Hamilton, said, “We are beyond grateful for the money that we received.  It is helping us to reach our PLC goals, give kids more authentic resources, and collaborate within our department.  Watching kids read and enjoy it, especially in a second language, is so rewarding.  Thank you so much for everything you have done for us and for giving our students these amazing resources for learning!”

Thanks for bringing language lessons to life for LPS students!