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Board of Directors

Consisting of business and community leaders, parents, alumni, and district representatives, the Board of Directors for the Littleton Public Schools Foundation is committed to providing the financial resources needed to ensure every LPS student thrives.


President - Bob Golden, Water Collaborative Delivery Association

Vice President - Matthew Seebaum, Retired Educator

Treasurer - Jen Harrison, HUD

Secretary - Renee Spangler, Steve Spangler, Inc., Alum, Heritage High School

Board Members

John Carter, Sage Hospitality Group

Michael Ceilley, Kroenke Sports and Entertainment

Jessica Ceriani, Front Range Insurance Services

Angela Christensen, LPS Board of Education

Crysti Copp - PTO Presidents Council Representative 

Brian Ewert, LPS Superintendent

Josh Halbrook, Comcast

Jennifer Henninger, City of Littleton

Jon Lisec, Travelport, Alum, Heritage High School

Tim Mitchell, Chatham Financial

Karen Myles, Community Liaison, Alum, Heritage High School

Sean O'Shea, The Binning Family Foundation

Katie Peshek, Rose Community Foundation

Stacey Riendeau, Principal, Heritage High School

Brandon Upah, Comcast

Nicolette Vander Velde, Principal, Runyon Elementary School

Erin Weaver, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Alum, Arapahoe High School

Kathy Wells, Kathy Wells Insurance Agency, Alum, Littleton High School 

Megan Wilson, Caring for Colorado Foundation 

Together, we bring diverse life experiences and perspectives that help us connect with the LPS community we are entrusted to serve. We have board members who:

  • Have past military experience
  • Speak more than one language
  • Identify or have loved ones who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Have experience with nontraditional family or guardianship structures 
  • Have grappled with the challenges of mental health, food insecurity, or homelessness
  • Have experience with special education and with gifted and talented services

Additionally, several members are LPS alumni and, while in high school, worked part-time and participated in athletics and other extracurricular activities. We have board members who chose non-traditional career paths that did not involve earning college degrees. For those who attended higher education, the majority worked during or took out loans to help cover costs, and we also have board members who were first-generation college students.

All of these attributes bring a wealth of perspectives to our work on the LPSF Board. These traits enrich our discussions and decision-making and help us understand and connect to LPS students and families. We strive to go further, and continue to welcome additional diverse voices to our board. Our diversity makes us stronger together, widening our lens and expanding the impact of our financial support.


Beth Best, Executive Director

Brenda Staab, Assistant to the Executive Director

Kelly James, Development and Communications Coordinator