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2024 Spirit Celebration Scholarship Winners

Each year, as part of The Spirit Celebration, we award four stellar students with $1,000 college scholarships. These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the Colwell Family. Meet this year's inspiring winners below.

Kylee Collins - Arapahoe High School

Kylee has always known that she wanted to be a teacher, so when the opportunity to enroll in EPIC’s Early Childhood Education program presented itself, she didn’t hesitate.  Classroom instruction at EPIC focuses on the development of children from birth to eight years while also providing Kylee with practical experience in the classroom at Lenski Elementary School.  Through this program, not only will Kylee be better prepared for her next educational steps, but she will also earn an Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Certificate and 12 college credits from Arapahoe Community College.  Kylee has so enjoyed working with the students at Lenski that she also works with their School Age Child Care program each day after school.  She loves the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the younger children, saying that she is always surprised by something they say or do.  In addition to her schoolwork, Kylee played softball year-round until a serious injury took her off the field. Still, she kept the work ethic developed as a student-athlete front and center during her recovery.  Her volunteer efforts in the community have included a food drive for Meals on Wheels and helping Rylie’s Arc both with their Halloween event and their prom dress boutique.  Kylee hopes to attend either Metropolitan State University of Denver or the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in the Fall and pursue a degree in Elementary Education.  One day she hopes to return to Littleton Public Schools to teach.

Jack Haag - Heritage High School

Be prepared to be impressed when you meet Jack.  His experience giving a TEDxYouth Talk and being a member of the Speech and Debate team makes for a great conversationalist.  As captain of the Speech and Debate Team, Jack gained valuable experience competing in Congressional Debate and Informative Speaking, as well as learning the importance of teamwork and responsibility. He has a passion for history, geography, and civics, which he believes gives us all a greater understanding of our roles as citizens and community members.  Jack credits the acknowledgment and inspiration of several teachers for confirming his desire to pursue a career as a high school Social Studies teacher.  He understands that for many students, one or a handful of teachers can impact their lives.  This is what he hopes to accomplish as a teacher, both through the content of what is taught, as well as ensuring that every student knows there is an adult who values them for who they are.  Jack is enrolled in the Teacher Cadet Program through EPIC, where he has gained real classroom experience at Powell Middle School.  Working with the students and learning practical classroom skills not only affirmed but increased his desire to enter the field of education. Jack plans to attend the University of Colorado-Denver and pursue a degree in Education and Human Development with a Secondary Social Studies license.

Sylvia Medicus - Littleton High School

It’s no surprise that Sylvia wants to be a teacher.  She comes from a long line of educators whom she greatly admires. Sylvia loved the opportunity to volunteer in the summer school program through Littleton Public Schools, where she worked with a veteran teacher and was able to use her Spanish to help kindergarten students improve their English.  Sylvia now looks forward to working after school at Sandburg Elementary’s School Aged Child Care Program with kindergarten through fifth-grade students.  Currently enrolled in the Teacher Cadet Program at EPIC, Sylvia’s fieldwork is at Sandburg Elementary in the second grade.  This experience has been incredibly rewarding and has allowed her the opportunity to begin planning lessons.  At LHS, Sylvia loves playing the trombone in the marching, jazz, and concert bands.  Probably one of the most influential experiences for Sylvia was a world languages tour of Europe where she was delighted to dive into the cultures and languages, especially Spanish. She hopes to use her language skills to stay connected to the Spanish-speaking community and to help with her teaching career.  Sylvia plans to attend the University of Colorado – Boulder gain a degree in Elementary Education and play in their marching band.  She believes that Littleton Public Schools is amazing and hopes to return here to teach. 

Alissa Daley - Options Secondary Program

Alissa doesn’t leave much up to chance.  After struggling with school, she was given the opportunity to attend Options, where she credits the Discovery Program with getting her on the right track.  With a new mindset, Alissa was determined to build success and find her way forward.  Not sure what she was meant to pursue, Alissa was intrigued by a teacher’s suggestion that she consider putting her compassion for others to work in health care.  She began working and volunteering at an assisted living facility, soon realizing her desire to help others as she developed relationships with the residents.  Volunteering at the Food Bank of the Rockies inspired Alissa and gave her the idea of pursuing a career in helping others.  Alissa found her purpose when working with Project C.U.R.E., and she wants to pursue a career in health care to educate patients here and abroad on maintaining good health and preventing illnesses. Working closely with the staff at Options, Alissa began charting her path with concurrent enrollment at Arapahoe Community College.  In her senior year, she enrolled in EPIC ‘s Health Sciences Pathway to pursue her Nursing Assistant Certificate.  By the time Alissa graduates, she will have obtained an impressive 42 concurrent enrollment credits.  She plans to attend Metropolitan State University of Denver for her Nursing degree, eventually work for a healthcare nonprofit organization, and someday return to EPIC as an alumna to inspire other students.