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Help LPS Families Bridge the Digital Divide

Hundreds of families in our community lost or will lose, Internet access in May due to the end of the federally funded Affordable Connectivity Program. We need your help to ensure that Littleton Public Schools students and their families continue to receive essential broadband services.

With the ending of the Affordable Connectivity Program, many LPS families are facing higher Internet costs and the real risk of not being able to pay their Internet bills. Families without reliable broadband have a harder time staying connected with their schools and communicating with teachers. It’s also difficult for students to complete their assignments. The LPS Foundation is trying to help families in need stay apace with their schools through their “Bridging the Digital Divide” campaign.                         

 –  Mike Porter, CIO, Littleton Public Schools 

Learning and instruction are increasingly online; therefore, students without access to the Internet will inevitably fall behind their peers. Home Internet allows students to complete assignments, access resources, and collaborate with other students and teachers. Click here to read a real student story. 

Parents will also be affected because the majority of communication and resources exist on school websites or are communicated through email. As Cass Huffman, LPS Family Liaison, explains, ”If parents are worried about data usage or unable to receive communication, I am concerned that our communication about topics such as sick children, attendance, teacher concerns/support, emergencies, weather-related emergent changes, school calendars, and special events could be limited.” 

How To Help:

Littleton Public Schools offers complimentary hot spots to families, but they need Internet services to utilize them. That’s where you come in.  Between May 9- June 30, 2024, the LPS Foundation is raising funds to pay for Internet services for LPS families. A donation of $20 per month (or $240/year) will give an entire LPS family the critical connectivity they need for a year.

Be a part of this campaign by:

  1. Donating to our “Bridging the Digital Divide” HERE.
  2. Sending a check to the LPS Foundation (5776 S. Crocker St., Littleton, CO 80120)
  3. Encouraging others to donate to the campaign

Follow us on social media for updates about the campaign. Together, we’ll bridge our community's digital divide.