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Wiggling While They Work

In a Pre-Kindergarten class at Littleton Preparatory Charter School, 5-year-old Claire wiggles while she works. Thanks to a grant funded by YOU, our generous donors, teacher Aimee Dierking purchased several sensory enhancement items for her classroom, including wiggle stools. The stools reduce students’ restlessness and fidgeting while stimulating thinking. Claire especially likes wiggling on them while she colors. 

Ms. Dierking also bought weighted blankets, wiggle cushions, a balance bike and gel pads, all to help her students enjoy school while they learn to focus, which is especially important given Covid restrictions.

Because of you, this was one of 67 grants awarded to LPS educators last year. We’re gearing up to give $100,000 in grants this month and can’t wait to share the inspiring ways LPS educators use the funds to teach LPS students in creative and engaging ways. 

If you want to give cash-strapped teachers a little more wiggle room as they steer students on their unique path to success, schedule a gift today HERE.