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Student-led Suicide Prevention

After participating in a three-day suicide prevention workshop, a number of LPS students were inspired to form a group committed to promoting social-emotional awareness, mental health, kindness, and suicide prevention within their school communities.

With support and facilitation from the LPS mental health team, these students named their group: Students Promoting Emotional Awareness and Kindness (SPEAK). Some of their activities this year have included:

  • Promoting suicide prevention and awareness in their buildings by sharing information about mental health and events like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Walk
  • Providing feedback on how to make our schools more equitable for students by sharing their stories with district mental health staff
  • Developing suggestions for staff on how to incorporate simple strategies to help promote mental health amongst students during the global pandemic

The group faced challenges this past year with not being able to gather in person but continues planning activities for the future including hosting a Student Voice Workshop for middle school students, a parent workshop on how to talk to your teen about tough topics, and more. Your donation to the LPS Foundation helps support important programs like SPEAK.