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LPS Students Become Makers

Students at Mark Twain Elementary are solving problems in new ways thanks to a STEM makerspace funded by LPSF. The space includes 16 bins with materials, along with STEM activity cards for diverse learners. Teacher, Michelle Dillard, says "students see how learning can be multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary. It (the makerspace) helps engage students deeply in meaningful activities. "Students agree, sharing these comments:

"This STEM lab is another way to learn and grow, and that's what school is all about."

"The STEM lab helps us work through mistakes so we can fix them and grow smarter in the process."

"It (the STEM space) helps us be creative and problem solve if something doesn't work."

"It (the STEM space) gives us so many options and we love to have a choice in what we're learning and doing."

Our Grants to Teachers program helps provide innovative classroom experiences like the STEM Makerspace at Twain.