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Grant Resources Help Kids Talk about What they are Experiencing

Runyon Elementary School’s Mental Health Team was concerned about their students’ mental health in light of the pandemic, especially because there was a lot of uncertainty going into this school year and there really wasn't a "playbook" about how to help kids cope through it all. 

Thankfully, Colorado author and educator, Rosalind Wiseman, helped the Runyon team come up with a plan. When asked about the impact of this past year on our youth, she said, "Most importantly, we have to listen to the students about what THEY need and what THEY think because they are the subject matter experts of this experience."  Runyon's Mental Health Team received a grant for materials to do just that... give students a chance to talk about and cope with what they were experiencing.

The team shared, “Your funding helped our team purchase a wide variety of books, materials, and tools that significantly increased our ability to connect with our students across all grade levels. Thank you.”

It is because of YOU that resources like this are available to our schools. For district resources related to mental health, visit