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Online Learning Amplified

Hartley, Brady, Zachary, Eli, and Jackson are loving online learning partially because of two interactive programs funded by the Littleton Public Schools Foundation. Nearpod and Peardeck deliver engaging activities like virtual reality, simulations, and gamified quizzes. In addition, they provide teachers with real-time assessments that inform future lessons.

"Thank you LPSF for teaching me the meaning of love and kindness and thank you for Nearpod and Peardeck," -Hartley, TOPS Student

Zachary shared "Thank you for letting us use Nearpod and Peardeck. I like both because they are so educational and useful in our live meets."

Nearpod and Peardeck subscriptions were funded as a part of LPSF's Grants to Teachers Program. The program awarded more than $65,000 to teachers during the 2020/2021 school year.

TOPS teacher, Caitlin Almer, requested the funds and shared "these tools have made the biggest impact on my students and I daily get asked if we're going to be working on Nearpod or Peardeck for our Live Lessons and asynchronous work. The LPS Foundation's help stretches wide and far!"