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Newcomers Enjoy New Native Language Books

Euclid Middle School student Jesus looks forward to Wednesdays, and not just because it is a late start day. On Wednesdays, Jesus and the other students in his Newcomers class visit the library and pick out a fun book in their native language. Once they've selected a book, they return to their classroom to read and enjoy tea or hot chocolate. Jesus says, "It's important to read books in my language because it helps me to develop and grow more quickly."

Educator Erin Wise purchased the books and accompanying Oxford Picture Dictionaries after receiving an educator grant earlier this year. She says that students look forward to their reading time and, being so far away from home, find comfort in books they can enjoy in their primary language. In addition, research shows that the more literate a student is in their primary language, the quicker and easier it will be for them to acquire another language. When you support the LPS Foundation, you make experiences like this a reality for LPS students and grants like this a reality for teachers!