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Specialized Training serves Students and Educators

Student using Orton Gillingham materials

Did you know that we grant many requests from educators who want to pursue specialized training? One such request came from Christine Saggau, Field Elementary Literacy Specialist. She was awarded a grant for Orton-Gillingham Training, a structured literacy approach that breaks reading and spelling into smaller skills involving letters and sounds. 

With this training, students become more confident in their decoding know-how, which improves their reading accuracy and fluency. When these skill are combined, students develop a deeper level of comprehension, which serves them now and in the future.  

Christine shared what some of her students have to say about the approach.

4th Graders:

J: " I like how we do the sound spelling and the card (sound) deck."

C: "I like learning about the syllable types.” 

C: "My favorite parts are the rabbit (multisyllabic words) and memory words."

1st Graders:

M: “My favorite part is reading and getting to illustrate.” 

C: “I like reading books.” 

M: “I like reading and finding spelling patterns.” 

The work the students are doing also piqued the educator’s interest. As a result, Christine is offering Orton-Gillingham training to Field staff this summer.

We love learning about how a small grant can positively affect such a large number of students and staff.